Sunday, January 31, 2016

U.S.A., Land of Limitations? By: Nicholas Kristof

"U.S.A., Land of Limitations?"

By: Nicholas Kristof

Argument Prompt

     In the article Nicholas Kristof argues that America is no longer the "land of opportunity;" where any amount of hard work can create a decent life. He states that children are no longer growing up with an equal chance but in, "the kind of society in which your outcome is largely determined by your beginning" (Kristof). Throughout the article he gives examples of how under advantaged children no longer have the means to get ahead; but not primarily finically. Kristof says the system is now rigged so that anyone born into prosperity will have very little issue making their way in the world. However, those children who come from families with drug or alcohol problems tend to stay in that kind of environment through adulthood. These children could be extraordinarily bright; but they are given a much harder time when trying to move forward. Nicholas Kristof argues that people no longer are given equal chance at success. 

    Kristof's article can also be related back to "The Silenced Dialogue" by Lisa Delpit. Near the beginning of the reading Delpit outlines five rules that outline the "culture of power." One is particular is, "the rules of the culture of power are a reflection of the rules of the culture of those who have power." She is explaining that the social norms of a society are outlined by the people who have the most power. Kristof also touches upon this idea of people in power having more pull over those who don't. One man that the author interviewed named Professor Reardon states, "rich kids make a lot of poor choices...they just don't come with the same sort of consequences." This statement brings us back to Delpits rules by the idea that the people in power are held to a different standard because they create the rules of the culture. 
Lisa Delpit's rule number five:
"Those with power are frequently least aware of- or least willing to acknowledge- its existence.
Those with less power are often most aware of its existence."

Questions-Comments-Points to share:
I agree with Nicholas Kristof's claims he is making in the article. I feel like a lot of people fall into the same boat as Rick Goff, a friend of Kristof's. Since he did not come from a privileged life he had trouble completing school. The teachers didn't recognize that he just and trouble focusing and I think it may have a lot to do with him not being of the powered culture. Although Goff had two children and managed a life into adulthood, "U.S.A., Land of Limitations," touches upon the idea that he stayed in the same conditions. Goff was raised by his grandmother after losing his mother and his father walking out; and when he grew older he had two children and raised them as a single father after having two divorces. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

About Me

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My two friends Kaitlin (left) and Britney (right) and I have participated in two color runs. They are a 5k race where you can donate to a charity. While you run there are different check points where they throw powdered colors at you. This race is a great way to see some of the beautiful places in Providence.

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This summer my mother, friends, and I went to Vermont for a fair. We drove up early one morning and stayed until the next day. We found a really interesting store that had a whole bunch of different things; including a moose wearing rain boots! 

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In high school gym, all of the classes had to participate in a climbing unit. My friend Dave and I completed the "Dangling Duo." The planks we could stand on we're connected by a wire and each one was slightly farther apart than the one before. By the top one the planks were about five feet apart (I'm only 5'2")! It took us almost all class and a lot of strategizing but we finally made it. 

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Kaitlin, Britney, and I have done karate with each other for about 12 years. This photo was from out second degree black belt test. It was a seven hour test with a panel of 3 judges. We were the first black belts of the studio; then continuing to train other ranks.After the test all of the families and judges went out to eat at Asia Grille.

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Right before Thanksgiving my family got a new dog named, Buster. We got him from the Conventry pound. He is around two years old and is a Bassett Hound and Chocolate Lab mix. Buster has had his few fights with the cats but he has adjusted very well now.